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Private Coaching - One to One

Private coaching is available at the club and these are offered as an individual one to one session and run by the Head Coach, Geoff Barrie.

This is a better way to fast-track your improvement.  A lesson just for you to develop those areas of your game most important to you.  What you work on is entirely up to you after discussion with the coach.

At Halesowen Tennis Club we are able to deliver lessons to members and non-members, you can go it alone or you may wish to organise a session with a friend to share the cost.  Either way you will enjoy a tailored session suited to your requirements.

Lessons are not limited to the court, we can offer video analysis for you to take a closer look at your technique.  This allows us to capture your game on video and playback to you in slow motion.  We can also offer you strength & conditioning programs to directly support your game development.

To book your lesson at a time to suit you and discuss your needs, contact Geoff on 07838 236691 or email:

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