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Adult Coaching

General Coaching

Adult coaching is ideal for members who want to improve their game and define their playing technique.  If you are looking for one-to-one coaching to focus on key areas, then our head coach Geoff Barrie is more than happy to discuss and deliver this with you.  He can focus on specifics that you direct him to, or he can do a playing assessment and advise on the areas of your game he feels need improvement.  Whatever works best for you.

When trying to book coaching sessions with Geoff for the first time, please either call him or talk to him face-to-face.  Once you have established a connection with Geoff and agreed some coaching, he will be happy to take bookings via messages.  However, messages are not reliable contact methods before that first connection is established.  Geoff is very busy and messages may not get delivered as expected.  Geoff's contact details are at the foot of this page.

Beginners Coaching


We also offer adult coaching aimed at beginners or returning players that want some help getting back into the game. The sessions are based on the general ability level of the group attending and will be suitable for all.

We regularly run monthly blocks of beginners coaching aimed at new players. These are 1-hour sessions that run all through out the month. Monthly cost is £29 taken by standing order on the 1st of every month.

The monthly coaching fees for the course are to be paid in advance, once you have enrolled. After the month has finished, you have the option to continue with the coaching using our coaching membership. For more info on coaching membership, please use our enquiry page. You also have the option to join the club as a full member, and your membership fee will be reduced by the value of the coaching membership fee that you have already paid for the course..

Sessions are on Saturdays 2pm - 3pm & Mondays 6.30pm - 7.30pm

Areas that will be covered:

  • Serving – First and Second serves, and placement

  • Volleys – Forehand and Backhands

  • Overhead Smashing

  • Forehand and Backhand techniques

  • Match tactics

  • Court positioning and movement around the court

Geoff Barrie contact:

07838 236691

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