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We run a wide variety of teams throughout the year, across both Summer and Winter seasons to include men, ladies and mixed tennis. Throughout both seasons, we field 10 teams across the three disciplines. We are fortunate at Halesowen to be situated at the crossroads of three different territories: Hereford & Worcester, Birmingham, and Staffordshire. This allows us to field teams in each territory and thereby give the greatest number of players the opportunity to play match tennis.


We have teams competing in the upper leagues of both Birmingham and Staffordshire, providing strong opposition and challenging matches. We also have our development teams playing in lower divisions where match tennis is a relatively new experience for many of the players and this gives them an opportunity to gain some matchplay experience.

Current Season Match Calendar:

Current Season Results:

You can see the current season results for all the teams by clicking any of the links below.  Note that only links for the current season will work, so if we are in Winter season, the Summer team links will not work and vice versa.  To see previous season's results, click the Archived Seasons Results below.


Summer - Birmingham A Team
Summer - Birmingham B Team
Current Men
Summer - Staffordshire Team
Summer - H&W Team


Summer - Birmingham - A Team
Summer - H&W - B Team
Current Ladies
Summer - Staffordshire - C Team


Summer - Metropolitan - A Team
Summer - Metropolitan - B Team
Current Mixed
Summer - H&W - C Team
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