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We offer competitive membership rates across all age groups.  A portion of your membership fee relates to the main HACC club, so the good news is that if you join one of the sections within the club, you only pay that main club fee once, making membership rates for the other sections even more attractive.  All rates listed here are the full rates for the Tennis section and include the main club fee.

The membership year runs from April to March.  The full year fee is as shown in the April column of the fee schedule below.


We offer reduced membership fees for new members joining throughout the membership year on a month to month pro-rata basis, per the table below.  The fees for Juniors and Parent members are structured differently due to our commitments to the main club and therefore the fees for these categories are only reduced once, at the half year point.


New applicants looking to join the club towards the end of the existing membership year will usually be offered the current full year fee to take them through to the end of the following membership year, thereby giving a month or two "free".

There are two types of membership available; "Peak" and "Off-peak".  Peak memberships are unrestricted providing access to the courts 365 days a year at all times, including participation in peak time organised sessions, tournaments and teams play, as well as free use of floodlights when required.  Off-peak membership rates are for those people who will only play between 9am and 6pm on weekdays.


If you are interested in any membership options, please submit an enquiry using the form in the "Contact Us" page.

Membership Rates 2024-25

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Membership Information & Forms

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