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COVID-19 Guidelines

Based on the latest guidance from the government, most restrictions related to Covid-19 have now been dropped.  However, the committee would like to ask all members to continue to act in a respectful and safe manner towards other members.

  • Be aware that different people will have different perspectives regarding the virus and some will remain more cautious than others.  Please bear that in mind when dealing and interacting with other members.

  • No one is right or wrong.  Be respectful of how others may feel and do not be offended if someone prefers to keep their distance.

  • We no longer have any specific policies for visiting the club or using the facilities, but would remind people that good hygiene should remain a priority for everyone, so please continue to wash or sanitise your hands regularly, particularly if using any facilities inside the clubhouse.

  • Most importantly, we would ask that anyone showing any symptoms of Covid-19 stay away from the club until those symptoms are completely gone or you are able to text negative two days in succession on Lateral Flow Tests.

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